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3D X-Ray Imaging

CBCT- implant planning, more comprehensive infoCBCT (cone beam computed tomography) are the ‘3D xrays’ that we will take to assess for many dental conditions including impacted wisdom teeth, planning of implants, assessing airways, infection and more. These give us a better view as to what is actually happening and allows us to better assess the risks and difficulty associated with a case. They also have an important role in implant planning, giving us the ability to assess and digitally plan the case prior to beginning any surgical treatment.

3D imaging has revolutionised modern dentistry and makes treatment much more accurate and predictable! Even more impressively, dental imaging uses cone beam technology which means that it is ONE PERCENT of the radiation of a medical CT.

One 3D dental xray uses the radiation of on average 11 days of "natural exposure" (what people get on average from day to day life, the sun etc) whereas a medical CT is about 3 years!!

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Digital Planning and Smile Design

Digital smile design allows us to fully plan your case, allowing you to preview your new smile right from the start. We will tailor this to your individual desires and personality, which can include creating brighter, natural looking teeth, with less crowding, ensuring that you are happy with the result prior to starting treatment.

Digital smile design is incredible as we can work with the best dental technicians hundreds of kilometres away and communicate exactly what we want, overlay them with your 3D x-rays, images and scans. We can make changes together in real time. You can view the simulation before we get it made, then you get to try in your teeth for a few weeks before they are made to make sure they are what you want!Better communication = Better outcomes.

In-Mouth Photographs and Communication

Intraoral cameras allow us to quickly take photos of you teeth and be able to discuss them with you straight away. These help to increase understanding of dental conditions which results in better treatment outcomes. We can also use these for monitoring and to assess for any changes in an efficient manner.

What we see is an accumulation of damage. Photographs allow as to track what is changing and how quickly.

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Nobody wants to get dental treatment. What they want is a solution to a dental problem that they have. That's what we do, we listen to what you want and then work with you on a plan to get you to where you want to be.

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I enjoyed my first appointment with the ladies At Complete Dental. They greeted me nicely, which helped with first time jitters as I can be quite nervous, but it was really good. I was really fond at how they worked with me, told me what needed to be done, and the steps to be taken in achieving a better smile for myself. I appreciate it so much, and look forward to my next appointment. Cheers

Kamaia Te Mauri Tawhara

Very happy with my visit to Complete Dental, the ladies were lovely and explained everything they were doing along the way, the best part, no pain with my teeth clean!

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Very happy with our first visit to Tamworth Complete Dental. The level of knowledge, care, advice and assistance provided shows they are passionate about dental well being.

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Highly recommend!! Vera and her team are amazing. Will definitely be a returning patient.

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I have to say without a doubt that Tamworth Complete Dental is the best dentist that I have been to. I am new to the area and was a bit hesitant as I have had a dentist for years in another area. Vera was absolutely amazing! The staff were Very welcoming from the time I entered the building. The lounge was peaceful and relaxing while waiting although I didn’t wait long. The procedure was painless and she made it so easy. I have found my forever dentist.

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